Swole Panda is pioneering a sustainable future by using bamboo for our clothing and accessories. Species of bamboo equal to the height and width of a tree take as little as three years to mature completely making it one of the most sustainable natural resources the planet has provided us.

With each purchase, you are part of the movement pioneering a more sustainable future.

Our fitted bamboo boxers combine comfort and style. Knitted from the softest and smoothest bamboo material blend, they are naturally breathable, temperature regulating and anti-bacterial for the ultimate fit and freshness.

British design, global sustainability.


We use sustainably sourced bamboo. One of the fastest growing natural resources.


All of our socks and trunks are breathable, moisture wicking and antibacterial.


Our socks have a seamless “comfort toe” with reinforcements to last longer.


We have added our bamboo twist to classic and adventurous designs.