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It’s easy to collect things throughout the year, especially when it comes to men’s clothing. You may be of the opinion you can never have too many clothes. There comes a time, however, when too much is simply too much. When your wardrobe is spilling over into your bedroom, and you find yourself contemplating purchasing a second (or even third) chest of drawers to house your knit sweater collection, something has got to give. As the year winds down, now is the perfect time to get rid of all the men’s clothing items you don’t really need.

This isn’t always easy, especially if you’re a man of style and taste and simply want to have as many options as possible to choose to wear on a daily basis, but it’s something that must be done on occasion. You may be expecting a few new ensembles during the holiday season or may even be planning on purchasing some new suits, tweed jackets or ties for the new year. Making room for them all is essential.

So, how do you go about it? Here are seven signs that you really don’t need that article of clothing any more.

Get Rid of it: How to Decide What to Toss and What to Keep

When Did you Last Wear it?

If your wardrobe is past full, chances are you have quite a few articles of men’s clothing you haven’t worn in a while. They may be hanging in the back or sitting in the bottom drawer of your chest of drawers. These articles may have originally had a purpose, but that reason is long since forgotten. They most likely didn’t fit your style, especially if you haven’t worn them in the last six months to a year. If this is the case, don’t hold onto them. Give them away or sell them. Someone else will put them to good use.

Does it Fit?

Bodies change. You may have gotten a bit taller, a bit shorter or a bit rounder. That’s okay, but as you know, fit is everything when it comes to men’s tweed jackets, suits and other articles of men’s clothing. If you can’t get into a suit jacket because it’s too small, don’t let it sit in the back of your wardrobe collecting dust. Donate it or get rid of it in some other way. If the piece is too large, be honest with yourself about it. Will you actually take the time to go to the tailor to have it altered to fit your body? Or will it continue to take up space? If you answered the latter, do like Elsa and let it go.

Is it Really You?

Over time, your style is bound to change. While you once may have spent your days in jeans, t-shirts and chinos, you’ve grown up, and dress more conservatively for your professional life, wearing tweed jackets, stylish polos and men’s suits. If you’re holding onto an article of clothing simply because of the memories it brings back or because it is still in decent condition, don’t. If you don’t like it or if it’s not your style, you aren’t going to wear it. It’s simply not you anymore.

Is it Going to Make it?

Take a good look at the fibres and makeup of the ensemble. Does it look like it’s going to make it through another year? Does it look like it will make it another week? If there’s holes in it or the fabric looks like it’s worn down, it’s time for it to go into retirement. If you like the style and want to wear it, consider purchasing another piece of clothing similar to it instead.

Is it Damaged?

Over time, a lot can happen to your suits, knitwear and tweed jackets. You may have accidentally spilled wine all over your suit jacket at the Christmas part last year and simply never got around to taking it to the dry cleaner to remove the stain. Now it looks horrible, and you can’t imagine ever wearing it again. So, do you really need it taking up room in your wardrobe? If a stain’s been sitting too long to be repaired by a professional or if you can’t turn the clothing into something you can simply wear around the house (no, you really won’t wear that suit around the house,) then get rid of it.

Is it Appropriate?

You like to be prepared for every occasion, and it’s for that reason your wardrobe is overflowing. However, if your job doesn’t require you to wear a suit every single day, there’s no reason you should own ten. This type of clothing doesn’t fit your lifestyle, so you don’t need it. Cut the choices down to just a few you can wear to the occasional funeral, wedding or event. The same goes with other articles of clothing as well. If you don’t spend time at the gym, you really don’t need an entire drawer dedicated to athletic wear.

Are There Multiples?

You found a tweed jacket you really like, or maybe even a navy blue polo shirt that makes your eyes pop. You love them, and can’t imagine not wearing them on a regular basis. As a result, you convinced yourself that you need five of each. After all, what happens if one is dirty or stolen by thieves? While having multiple items of clothing is fine, you never want too many. This makes it easy for you to wear the same thing, over and over again, and makes it look as if you only own a few items of clothing. You probably won’t were each of them, either, and those you don’t wear will simply collect dust. Instead, save back two or even three of the items, then get rid of the rest. Use the empty space to try out a new shirt or type of men’s tweed jacket.

Tired of having to dig through your wardrobe to find that one item of clothing you really want to wear? The new year is coming, so make a new start. Get rid of all those pieces of clothing you don’t really need.

The Travelling Tailor

With the online market place still growing, the one thing you need to do is offer something different to the concerning customer.With many places offering offers almost everyday, you must ask yourself am I really getting a good deal.Here at Birtchnells we offer competitive prices on all our garments, all year round. If you live far away all of our products are sent free of charge, unless you ask for next day delivery. We do also offer free returns.As we all know finding the time to shop is getting harder and harder, so for many working professionals we offer a free visiting service to home or office in our local area.You could say we are your travelling tailor! If you have any questions with our products or you would like to book in a visit then please contact me on 01923-442956 or email sales@birtchnells.co.uk





There comes a point in every man’s life when he decides jeans and a tee shirt just aren’t enough anymore. They don’t show off his style, his sophistication, his professionalism or, and this is a big one, his handsomeness. So he begins to fill his wardrobe with other items of clothing that can, like dark blue trousers, men’s tweed jackets, polo shirts and men’s suits. These are the clothing items that garner respect, turn heads and improve his look overall. 

When he first begins to wear the men’s clothing, however, things get complicated. If you’ve ever been in this situation, you know what the problem is. Choosing men’s suits and tweed jackets is easy. You like the way they look, you buy them. However, wearing them appropriately takes practise. There are lists and lists of rules dedicated to helping men understand how to wear these items. You can’t simply throw whatever looks good on and be sure it’s going to work. 

Whether you’re just starting out and exploring your own personal style or you know someone who is, the following rules will help you better understand how to dress smart.


Style Rules to Follow 

  • If you’re wearing a three-button tweed jacket, blazer, suit jacket or even a waistcoat, always leave the bottom button undone.


  • When wearing a men’s suit or a men’s tweed jacket, you’ll likely need to button and unbutton the jacket several times. When you sit down, the jacket can be unbuttoned. Upon standing, however, you must button it once again, paying close attention to the first rule.


  • When choosing trousers, be sure they come to rest just above your shoe’s heel. If you purchase suit trousers or chinos and they don’t meet these requirement, have them altered by a local tailor.


  • An undershirt is exactly that- something you wear under your shirt. It should never be seen (at least in public) by anyone. If you want to leave the collar on your dress shirt open, wear a v-neck sweater instead.


  • Want to look slimmer and taller? The easiest way to do this is to rely on colour and patterns. Vertical stripes extend your height and draw attention away from any areas of excess. Using all one colour for all your attire can help as well.


  • Wearing ties is complicated at first, but you’ll figure out those knots quickly after repeated use. A good rule of thumb to remember, however, is that ties should always end at your waist. They should not fall above or below it.


  • When wearing a jacket, pay attention to the shoulder seams. These are positioned to fall directly on your natural shoulder. If your tweed jacket or blazer seems to not fit well, take a look at the seams and make sure you’re putting the jacket on correctly.


  • Match the colour of your socks to the colour of your trousers. This may sometimes be the same colour as your shoes, but that is not always the case. Statement socks are okay as well, as long as one of the colours on these socks matches your trousers as well.


  • Tucking your shirt into your trousers? It’s a good idea, as it gives you a more sophisticated and grown-up look. However, it also leads to another style rule. If your shirt is tucked, a belt needs to be worn.


  • Speaking of belts, knowing how to choose one for each ensemble is important. Accessories like belts, shoes and watches should always match in both colour and texture. If you’re wearing black oxfords made from leather, your belt should be black and made of leather and your watch band should be black. Silver and gold are also acceptable watch band colours that work well with most belts and shoes.


  •  Understand fit. It’s not glamourous, but it’s necessary if you want to look good and feel good about yourself. Your clothing should fit you correctly without being too tight or too loose. It should draw attention to the parts of your body you love while drawing focus away from the areas you don’t particularly like. It should flatter your figure. A good tailor knows how to make most clothing items fit your particular body style.


  • One of the most important rules of style is to always choose pieces of clothing that are going to be around for years. You don’t want to wake up one morning only to discover that bright orange suit jacket you thought was fantastic 10 years ago is still hanging in the back of your closet because you’d be laughed out of town if you tried to wear it. Go for timeless, classic and elegant items of clothing.


Style Rules to Ignore

As a newbie to style, there are a lot of rules to remember if you want to look good. However, there are also a few you can ignore completely, including:


  • Always Wear Socks- Going sockless is not the end of the world. It’s a fact that’s been proven by many men’s fashion magazines over the years. Unless you’re going out to a fancy dinner, seeing an opera or meeting with clients, you can go sockless and no one will say a thing.
  • Don’t Wear Black and Brown or Black and Navy Together- This rule is simply old, out of date and un-fashionable.
  • Only Wear Wool in Winter- This rule can be tossed out with the rest of the rubbish in the bin. Mid-weight wool is much lighter than wools of the past and can be worn all year round. Knowing this can prevent you from having to purchase more suits than you need, thereby saving money.


Are you new to the concept of style? There are plenty of ways to excel- just follow the rules. There are many in place, and most are there for a good reason. They help you grasp the basic concepts of smart dressing so you can always look and feel your best.




When you start a new job, it can feel like you’re jumping through hurdles to be taken seriously. This is especially true if you’re a young professional. More established workers may question your credibility in the workplace, believing that because you have less experience than they do, you don’t have what it takes to contribute. You may feel as if your ideas and thoughts are constantly being dismissed by your colleagues, investors and customers. Establishing credibility with these individuals isn’t always easy, but there are a few steps you can take to increase their respect for you and make them believe you truly know what you’re doing.


What is Credibility?

Credibility is a feeling of belief, trust and respect one person has for another. Credibility isn’t created by one act. In fact, it often takes a combination of factors to establish credibility. Once you gain this trust, however, other around you will begin to respect your opinions and trust your judgement. In turn, this can lead to a more fulfilling and successful career. People with credibility often have the following qualities and values:

  • Honesty


  • Authenticity


  • Integrity


  • Commitment


Interested in learning how to become a credible young professional that others will trust and respect in the workplace? Here are just a few suggestions to consider.


Look the Part of a Professional

In today’s world, it’s hip and cool for young 20-somethings to dress casually in the workplace, especially in certain industries like technology. However, one of the first things your peers are going to notice about you is your appearance. If you look like a 20 year old that is still in the college phase of his life, they’re going to treat you like you are. You can’t control your age or how youthful you look, but you can control how you dress when you’re on the job. 

Putting on men’s suits or a snazzy pair of chinos and tweed jacket may not exactly be your style, but it can help you look more professional. When you dress the part, others believe you take your job more seriously. Even if this was true before you donned a suit, your outward appearance may not have projected it. 

Be careful when choosing any type of clothing to wear in the workplace. Your suits should not only be an appropriate colour (such as blue, black, grey or brown) in the office, but they should also fit correctly. Fit is essential if you want to avoid looking like you’re a child playing dressup.


Know What You’re Doing

Want your colleagues to believe you have what it takes to make it? Don’t fake it. Make sure you know what you’re doing each and every day. If you don’t, learn, and learn quickly. Prove those individuals who have underestimated you wrong.


Get it Done

Whether you have a project due or have been asked to type up the notes for your boss’ morning meeting, make sure you get it done. This shows others they can count on you to fulfil your promises to the best of your ability. You’ll establish credibility this way, even if you happen to make a few mistakes early on.


Deliver on Time 

While we’re on the subject of delivering on your promises and assignments, make sure to get these things done on time. If your employer needs something by Monday morning and you spend the weekend out on the town instead of finishing it, you’re only proving their estimation of you correct. Get it done first, then enjoy your downtime.


Get Some Help

Have you ever thought to yourself, “If I can just get one foot in the door…”? You can. Do it by borrowing the credibility of someone else. Find a supervisor, mentor or colleague that can help you learn the ropes and introduce you to new customers, investors or business practises. Once you have their stamp of approval, either through a reference or introduction, you’ll find other will take you more seriously in the workplace.


Work Together 

If you want your colleagues to trust and respect you, you have to give them the trust and respect they deserve. Be a team player in all aspects of your career. Contribute, share and work together with other employees to make a difference. As you work together, the team will begin to understand what special qualities and capabilities you have and will be more willing to provide you with the credit you deserve.


Be Professional Everywhere- Even Online

Today is an age of technology, and the internet is king. Don’t be surprised if your employer or even customers Google your name before they even see your pin-striped three-piece business suit. They want to know who you are before they shake your hand. 

So, what do you do? Establish a positive presence online that contributes to your credibility. Social networking sites like LinkedIn are perfect for introducing yourself as a professional, but don’t stop there. You future employer, colleagues and investors may check out other social media sites you’re on, like Facebook or Twitter. Be sure these are positive as well and will help provide you with a good first impression.


Get to Work

Dressing in nice men’s suits or men’s tweed jackets, working as a team player and delivering on time helps establish credibility, but so does putting in a hard day’s work. In the end, your results are going to be what really matters in the workplace and will affect how others view you. 

It may take a while to earn the credibility you think you deserve, but those long hours, that hard work and a bit of patience will pay off. Luckily, you’re young. This means time is on your side. And, in the end, it will make the effort worth it. 

Establishing credibility in the workplace isn’t always easy, but it can be done. If you’re a young professional who is struggling to be accepted, try these simple tips for earning the respect and admiration of those you work with.





The Big Question!

There are a few moments in a man’s life he’ll remember forever: getting behind the wheel of his first car, the birth of his children, the day he meets the love of his life. There is one moment, however, that is unique. One filled with excitement, anxiousness and wonder. That day is the day he proposes. A marriage proposal is something special, and you no doubt want it to be special. After all, it’s a day you’ll be telling your grandchildren about one day. It doesn’t have to be perfect (most of the best stories aren’t) but it should be something worth remembering. 

Unfortunately, not every proposal is a beautiful one. Nerves tend to get the best of you if you’re not careful, leading you to make some very common mistakes. Not sure what to avoid? Here are a few helpful tips.


Always Ask With a Ring

We’ve all heard that old saying, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” However, it’s an important part of any marriage proposal and one that many women expect. While you may be committing your love and life to her, many women won’t feel like they have actually been proposed to if they don’t walk away with a ring on their finger. Don’t show up empty handed. 

So, what if you don’t know what type of ring she’ll like? If you’d rather leave the ring shopping up to her, consider a placeholder in the meantime. Many jewellery stores have return policies that allow you to pick out something for now and then go back with your fiancée on your arm to pick out the real deal. Not going to surprise her? If the two of you have decided to avoid the traditional engagement surprise, take her shopping beforehand. Let her pick out the cut and clarity she wants within your budgetary boundaries.


Wait Till She’s Ready

Maybe you knew from the first moment you laid eyes on her that she was the one for you. Maybe you were ready to commit within just a few weeks of dating. That doesn’t necessarily mean she is. She may be infatuated or even in love with you, but marriage is a big commitment, and not one she’ll likely take lightly. Wait for the signs that show you she’s ready to take that next step. Spend some time in the relationship, really getting to know one another and going through the ups and downs that relationships bring. Once you’ve weathered that, and she still appears willing to stick by your side, then you can go ring shopping.


Wear the Right Clothing

This is a magical day/afternoon/night. Don’t let the romance slip away simply because you didn’t dress the part. While you may not be the type of man who regularly wears men’s tweed jackets, suits or dress shirts on a regular basis, this is not the time for clothing you wear when sitting at home watching the big game. This is the time to step up your own game- especially your style. 

With that being said, consider carefully where you are going to propose before you choose your wardrobe. A Michelin star restaurant demand men’s suits and a tie, while a tweed jacket would be more appropriate if you’re going to take her on a horse-drawn carriage ride through the park.


Keep it Private

You want to share your special moment with friends and family, but sharing the joyous event should come after the proposal has been accepted, not during it. Proposing in a public place surrounded by everyone she knows may push your future bride to say yes before she is ready. Or, worst case scenario, could leave you heart-broken in front of an audience if she happens to say she isn’t ready for that level of commitment yet. 

Proposing in private also gives the two of you a chance to dwell in your “love bubble” for a little while and enjoy the fact that you are going to live happily ever after. You don’t have to worry about the moment being pushed aside as complete strangers, friends and family attempt to congratulate you. The congratulations will come later; for now, savour the moment.


Don’t Rush it

For the rest of your life, your bride will be telling the story of how you proposed. How do you want that story to go? Do you want it to begin with, “Well, we were standing in line at the theatre when I noticed something in the pocket of his men’s suit. When I asked him what it was, he pulled out a ring box and asked me to marry him.” Or do you want it to go the exact way you planned for it to? 

Once you’ve decided to get engaged and have purchased the ring, it may burn a hole in your pocket. You may be anxious to get the proposal over with, and may find it difficult to hide your intentions from her. If you truly want your story to be one for the ages, don’t rush things. Find the perfect moment to pop the question, and don’t ask a minute before that.


Keep it Quiet

You’ve recruited her best friends to help you determine her ring size, the type of ring she wants and where she’s always dreamed of proposing. Her mum tells you she has dreamed of a romantic proposal since she was a little girl and instructs you that wearing a suit and getting down on one knee is not an option you can avoid. Her cousin has filled you in on a few small ‘don’ts’ for the proposal as well: she isn’t going to be happy if she has to dig through food for the ring. 

Sounds wonderful, right? You have all her friends and family working with you for the perfect proposal.


Wrong. While you might need the help of one or two of her closest friends, keep the circle of those who know about the engagement as small as possible. This not only reduces the chances that someone might accidentally let the big surprise slip, but also gives her a chance to really surprise those she loves with the great news after the fact. 

Are you ready to pop the question? With the right men’s suits or men’s jackets, a beautiful ring and a perfectly-timed proposal, you could create a story she’ll be telling for the rest of your life. Make it a good one by following these tips.




On our customers blog we will give you usefull tips on buying clothes and maintaning clothing. We see many of our customers and we always say " we are more than just a website"

We have many brands on our site but one that everyone knows is Wrangler jeans, we sell many pairs of jeans and the reason why we do is that customers know the fit will be the same when they order a new pair and the quality and price are exceptional.

We suggest you should always go down a size in the waist as jeans always stretch after a few wears especially after washing. On darker shades you should always turn the jeans inside out before washing as the detergents can  fade the colour.

One thing that is very important is to stretch the legs as soon as they leave the washing machine, other wise after a few washes the legs start to shrink and then look to short.

Everyone has their own style with jeans when it comes to length but we suggest if you are 29" leg choose 30" jean lenght, 31" leg choose 32" jean length and 33" leg choose 34", if you pass 34" we do have 36" indide leg on selected ranges.

Our starting price for Wrangler jeans is £39.95 so there should be no excuses for wearing tatty jeans.


When you are searching the web for quality business shirts unfortunately until you have worn them you won't know how well they iron up and wear. here at Birtchnells we test the majority of clothing we sell so when we state "Easy iron" it is Easy Iron!

All our fromal business shirts are easy care,  for 100% Cotton shirts the brand Seidensticker are easily the best. We have sold Seidensticker shirts for over 20 years, based in Germany they are Europes largest manufacturers of shirts.  

They can supply extra long sleeves, regular sleeves and even shorter sleeves for the gentleman who finds shirts sleeves to long. We did time how long it takes to iron a 100% cotton Seidensticker shirt and it takes 1 minute 20 seconds, could you beat that?

The Seidensticker shirts we stock are a mixture of stripes, plains and checks, great for all occasions.



We sell many things on our site but one item we sell lots of and that is Suits, you maybe surprised when I tell you this.

These days you have 3-4 different fittings compared to just one a few years ago.We supply regular fit, contemporary fit, tailored fit and extra long fit all these fits are on our website and available to order, stock permitting.

On regular fitting suits if you measure your chest with a tape measure just under your armpits this should give you a measurement, this should be the size to go for in a jacket size. Don't forget if you measure an odd number then go to the next measurement.

Example:If you measure 41" then choose a 42" chest jacket.

As the style of jacket gets slimmer then you may need to go up a size this would be applicable to a Tailored fit jacket, with contemporary fit you can still go for the size you measured as this style is only a slightly tailored.

Extra long fit is applicable to Men who are normally over 6ft3" to 6ft5". The jacket length and sleeve length are 1.5" longer than a standard Long fit.

Trousers for an extra long fitting suit can be unfinished at 37" inside leg or finished to your desired lengh.

Trousers can be measured in the same way as the jacket, if you are wearing a pair of trousers and you wrap around the tape measure make sure you measure above the trouser waist band this will give you your measurement.

Like before if your measures are odd numbers then make it to the first even number.

Trouser lenght can vary from Short, Regular, Long and Extra long,

If you know your height then this will help choose the jacket lenghth and trouser length, If you are around 5ft4" to 5ft7" then a short fitting will fit, If you are 5ft 8& to 6ft then regualr fit will fit, 6ft 1" to 6ft 2" long fit then 6ft 3"to 6ft5" will be extra long.






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