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Seidensticker Shirts


There are shirts and then there are Seidensticker shirts. There are shirts that look OK but then there are shirts that look more than OK and make you feel great - that's Seidensticker.

You see, many shirts look good when you glance in the mirror but the Seidensticker doesn't need a mirror - you know you look good because you feel good. It feels as if you are clad in class.

So what does that mean exactly? It means that when you go into the business meeting, that job interview or on that first date, your confidence will never be higher and your chances of success are even better.

Seidensticker shirts give you the edge because of the quality of material, the tailored fit and the technical perfection of design. These have not come together by accident but by careful attention, experience and above all, personal interest.

Yes, Seidensticker shirts are made for men by men. Every shirt is an individual, just like the man who will wear it. Much more than just a shirt, this is a Seidensticker that is closer than a close companion - a perfect fit. 

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