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Double Two Shirts

Double Two Shirts

Tips for travellers

Anybody who is travelling a lot knows, how important it is to pack the shirt or tie in the suitcase in the right way.

In this way the shirt will remain neat during the journey:

•    Do not fold a shirt right after ironing but rather let it cool for approx. 30 minutes on a hanger or backrest.
•    The folded shirt should lie on top in your suitcase, so that it will not crinkle.
•    As soon as you have checked in a hotel, please take out the shirt of your suitcase and hang it on a hanger. In this way 
      crinkles which have been arisen due to transportation may flatten themselves.

•    Wrap the tie around your hand and lay it furled in the collar of a shirt
•    Keep the furled tie in a corner of your suitcase, where it has enough room and will not be squeezed.
•    Please bend the tie in the middle and lay it loosely on top of your clothes.
•    Please use a tie covering in order to keep it in the suitcase



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